60+ Information Point

Our dream was to create a place, where everyone, who is interested in the events for seniors being organized in our city, could visit and learn some valuable information.   

We are constantly updating the database of non-governmental organizations, seniors’ clubs , institutions and other initiatives addressed to this particular social group. Our goal is to know as much as possible to give reliable and checked information. We know where to go in order to learn something, practice sports, take part in cultural events or where to ask for social support.

The Centre wants to show seniors that our city is open for them, that if only they find a desire within themselves they can surely find a lot of initiatives worth participating in.  So far the offer was scattered, that is why, the Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives gathers all ideas in one place, promotes and makes them more accessible.

On our website www.centrumis.pl we continually share our knowledge and information about the matters that are interesting for people over 50. By subscribing to our e-newsletter seniors gain a weekly set of information. For people, who don’t use the Internet, we prepared a column that appears in a weekly issue of one of the local newspapers.

We also created a Facebook profile - www.facebook.com/Centrumis. to appeal to young people by showing them that it is worth thinking about aging in order to prepare for it in a better way. The profile also highlights the benefits of intergenerational dialog. We are pleased that so many mature people are now our facebook profile friends.