VIVA Seniorzy! Fair

The "VIVA Seniorzy!" fair is an annual event organized for people over 60. The first edition took place in 2010. The organizers of this event are: Wielkopolska Region, the City of Poznan and the Poznan International Fair. The Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives as well as the Regional Centre for Social Policy in Poznan are co-organizers.


On the one hand, the fair presents the companies for which adult client is important, and which want to recognize the expectations of experienced and wise elderly consumers. The offer includes topics related to health, work and education, travel, sports, beauty and lifestyle, passions, new technologies and media or finances. On the other hand, the "VIVA Seniorzy!" fair is also a space for local and regional nongovernmental organisations and public units which carry out projects for seniors and people over 60  in the different areas such as home care, adult education, physical activity, culture and art, volunteering etc. During two days of exhibition (weekend) organizations present their offer and try to convince doubters, how many meetings, trainings, cultural and social activities are organized every day in the city, surrounding areas and in Wielkopolska Region. It is worth noticing that age-friendly products are becoming more and more important for many social and economy entities.

We are far from dividing people into young and old. The aim of the fair is to show everyone that people, who are above 50 or 60 are as much important, needed, active and creative as younger generations. Under any circumstances we cannot ignore, disregard or discriminate them because of the age.

We try to make our fair program very diverse to satisfy the fans of sport, culture, science and many other fields. Extremely colourful are the non-governmental organizations, that work for seniors. Their stands invite guests with beautiful arrangements and kind reception. From the stands, the guest can learn what does a given organization do, learn what kind of actions it promotes or how they can join it.

One of the most popular are the sport initiatives, which depicts that physical exercise can be satisfying in every age.  Seniors can take part in tai chi, nordic walking or yoga trainings.  All this under the watchful eye of the instructors. It is said, that being old is a matter of decision, surely the fair’s guest prove that they want and can live a healthy and active life. The program includes other special workshops as well. The subjects of the meetings are always very diverse, ranging from education to artistic and psychological classes.

The important part of the event is also health promotion. Free basic diagnostic tests for the elderly and meetings with doctors are organized. Visitors can also take part in several concerts.

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