AWAKE project

AWAKE - Aging With Active Knowledge and Experience

From August 2011 Centre for Senior Citizen Initiatives in partnership with 5 organizations from Europe, realizes Partnerships Project named AWAKE - Aging With Active Knowledge and Experience. Project is part of Lifelong Learning Programme – LLP 2007-2013 and is fully funded by the European Union.

Partnerships Projects is part of small cooperation project in which participants focus more on the cooperation process rather producing concrete ‘products’. Their main aim is an exchange of experience and good practices between smaller, less experienced organizations from Europe working in the field of adult learning to work together on topics of common interest. In a Grundtvig learning partnership, trainers and learners from participating countries work together, exchanging experiences, practices and methods. This exchange contribute to a better understanding of areas of common interest in adult learning, as well as helping to increase awareness of the varied cultural, social and economic situations across Europe.

Why this project?

Today's world is developing at a rapid pace, which creates favourable conditions for learning throughout life. At the same time, all European countries are now facing similar problems connected with the ageing of societies. A growing number of older people in the population means that one should make sure that they are a strong and actively participating in social life group. Education is such a powerful tool that makes such an activation possible.

The common aim of the institutions engaged in this project will be improving the training and learning methods for 50+ people on the basis of verified European ways of educating and activating older people. During the project, we will organize meetings at each of the partners, during which we will discuss matters connected with methodology of educating older people and acquaintance ourselves with good practices of our partners. We will look at various ways of motivating older people to learn, organizing 50+ volunteering, using ICT and cultural activities in lifelong learning and we will try to implement them to local environments.

As organizations and institutions working with the elderly, we encounter the same problems, but our work among the elderly is different. Although we have a common goal, we often choose different ways to pursue it and place emphasis on other aspects related to education of the elderly. By means of comparison, we can exchange experiences, ideas and learn from each other.

We want to derive from knowledge and experiences our senior listeners who will share with us their observations and expectations concerning with education of elderly. We will create universal tool which let us know educational needs of 50+ people in each country. We will present the results of our survey on international seminar closing the project.


By the Exchange of experience between our partners we will carry out the following aims:

The project will also enable:

The project aims will be attained by:

We provide organizing English lessons for senior listeners involved in the project.

Project duration: 2 years – from 1st of August 2011 till 31th of July 2013


Project products

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This document reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.