The Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives

The Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives is a municipal organizational unit established by the resolution of the Poznan City Council on the initiative of the Senior Citizens City Council. We are one of the first units of this type in Poland.  We aim at people who are above 60, from whom we try to draw inspiration, knowledge and experience. Our beneficiaries are also senior citizens whom we try to help improve their living standards and to activate them in the way they could participate in the life of our city creatively and with satisfaction. We strongly believe that old age carries a lot of wisdom and experience, which can, and should be used by the rest of society.

Our mission is to fight with stereotypes regarding old age. It’s crucial for us to change the common and very often harmful opinion about this period of life. We would like to point out that everyone can and should plan his/her own ageing as a beneficial and creative one. Everything we learn as children and later develop as young adults, will mature and benefit in the later years of our lives. That is why the faster we start taking care of ourselves, the better we will function in the future.

Within The Centre for Senior Citizen Initiatives the Poznan 60+ Volunteering was created in order to encourage elderly people to help one another. We also established the 60+ Information Point, where people can check what interesting events are being organized in our city or find out how to spend their free time. Apart from that, The Centre organizes an educational event called „Senioralni. Poznań” and co-organizes “VIVA Seniorzy!” fairs. The Centre cooperates with many entities working for senior citizens in local environment and exchanges good practices with the partners from the whole Europe, within projects supported by the European Union.