More about us

The Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives is a municipal organizational unit, which was established by Resolution No. LXIV/898/V/2009 by Poznań City Council on 8th December 2009. The Centre has been operating since January 2010. The rise of the Centre is a consequence of a number of socioeconomic factors. The starting point is a desire to coordinate actions of the highest possible number of entities for senior citizens in Poznań. Open Method of Coordination, recommended by the European Economic and Social Committee, is applied within the framework of the Centre.

The aim of the Centre activities is to improve the quality of seniors' life including increasing their participation in social life, particularly in the area of education, health, culture and art.

The scope of activities comprises the following tasks in the field of social policy strategy of the City of Poznań for seniors:
1) use of knowledge and experience of the oldest generation,
2) recognition of the elderly as a significant and valuable part of the community,
3) self-creation and self-realization of the oldest generation in the field of culture,
4) realizing the objectives of the programme for active ageing,
5) promoting and encouraging to participation in rehabilitation and revitalising programmes and trainings,
6) promotion and support of 'Safe City' programme in the area of senior citizen personal security and intervention programmes for seniors - victims of crime, abuse, accidents and disasters as well as these stabilising their position after the occurrence of such events;
7) activities to support senior citizen initiatives to build a civil society,
8) building a space of dialogue and creation of opportunities for public consultation.

Tasks of the unit include particularly:
1) implementation of research and analysis of social needs of senior environment,
2) implementation of actions for the development and activation of senior environments,
3) activities regarding information and education in the sphere of social inclusion and intergenerational dialogue,
4) providing counselling and advocacy for interests of senior citizens and their families,
5) development of IT support network for seniors,
6) development of senior activity and their commitment in public affairs,
7) promotion and support of seniors' voluntary activities.

To ensure a proper implementation of the statutory objectives, the Centre cooperates with the City Council of Senior Citizens, organizational units of Poznań City Council, other organizational units of the City, community councils, universities, non-governmental organizations, the Catholic Church and other churches, religious associations, mass media, private and legal persons as well as other entities carrying out similar tasks in the area of Centre activities.