Other activities


One of the goals executed by the Centre For Senior Citizen Initiatives is running a counseling point for seniors and their familiesTherefore, in order to meet the demands of older people we set up a psychological and legal counseling point in our Centre. We share a belief that important matters of seniors should be treated seriously and considered with respect and care. The consulting point functions as a psychological and legal first-aid. We aim at creating possibilities for people, who are coming to the Centre to sort out the problem, gain some knowledge and finally create a plan for further action.


Reading room

In our reading room we present reviews of fictional books, guides, articles and the Internet web pages with interesting publications. There is also a possibility to listen to the radio broadcasts involving the members of the Centre For Senior Citizens Initiatives discussing important matters regarding aging. We intend to focus attention on the condition of a mature person, together with his needs.

The reading room is also a place where we publish the text sent to us by our voluntary literary group. Our interest is to see how do seniors perceive old age, maturity and how do they see themselves and other seniors as being old.  Do they feel beautiful or do they rather hide in their houses? Do they accept their old age or rather stamp their feet in anger? All seniors that are willing to share their reviews, tales, stories, feature articles or essays with the readers of our web page can send us their texts, which we later publish.   


Funds for seniors’ initiatives

Every citizen has a lot of possibilities of implementing ones passions and ideas. If these ideas are aimed at helping the rest of the society by resolving some social problems, the Centre can help them to find some financial support including the funds from the European Union, the Polish Government and Ministries, the city and municipal councils or different foundations.

People, as well as organizations, that are interested in obtaining funds, can find valuable information on how they can apply for grants, that help them to accomplish their ideas and initiatives. We also published a list of organizations, which might serve as partners in the projects addressed to seniors and consults applications documents prepared by senior organizations.