Poznan 60+ Volunteering

In Poland people are used to the idea that it is unquestionable that older people need and should receive a helping hand. But helping is a much more broader concept and it works in every direction. In our project we want to show that everyone, despite of one’s age, can benefit from devoting his or her free time to someone else. Anyone, who at least once tried to help somebody, must have experienced the grateful power that came right back to him.

Poznan 60+ Volunteering is a link between volunteers and institutions as well as non-governmental organizations that need their help. Our Centre suggests variety of actions. It depends solely on the volunteers’’ predispositions and their decision if they want to work close to people or, for example, take part in preparing artistic events.  We provide our help in identifying the seniors’ needs and direct volunteers to verified places as well as inform about actions worth participating and engaging in. We also conduct trainings and provide theoretical support.

Our goal is to create a strong and active group consisting of people above 60 in Poznan. They have a lot of knowledge, skills and experience, which can be used in voluntary work.  Our actions are directed at promotion and developing the 60+ volunteering in order to combine the efforts of many organizations, institutions and individual people interested in this idea.

The Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives also cooperates with its own, intergenerational group of volunteers, who work in the local community and reach even the smallest communities to provide them with information about the most interesting senior initiatives.