Senior in the Form

The Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives launched the „Senior in the Form” campaign (SeniorWFormie) to convince seniors how important is regular physical activity for healthy aging. The campaign is targeted at seniors themselves and at he organizers of the recreational activities.

The aim of „Senior in the Form” campaign is promotion of physical activity among the elderly, as the best cure for all health problems and a way to remain independent, spend time with others and rest actively. Project assumes promoting one particular sport discipline, friendly for seniors, during the whole month. We’ll describe the rules and values ​​of this discipline and promote places where seniors can learn and train it safe, under the supervision of specialists. At the same time, we will encourage organizers to prepare attractive offer or special events for seniors in this particular month.

The campaign was held under the patronage of the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań.

For the purposes of the campaign we created a logo and a special subpage, which described the benefits of regular physical activity and  promote particular sports. The subpage includes:

The articles are prepared in collaboration with specialists from various fields.

"The physical activity can replace almost every drug, but any drug can replace the activity" - without a doubt, physical activity is beneficial to our health and is one of the conditions for good aging. Physical movement prevents many diseases as well as helps to raise and maintain the efficiency and independence. It is also a great opportunity to meet people and motivate each other to be active.

It is not true that the elderly can’t practice sports. The most important thing is to find the attractive activity, which corresponds ones capabilities. We want to encourage seniors to familiarize themselves with the different disciplines. We live in a big city, which has an attractive sports infrastructure, qualified staff and Poznań Sports and Recreation Centers which organise Poznan Seniors Spartakiade every year.

It is never too late to start the activity and change the lifestyle, and there are many types of activities, such as dance, yoga or nordic walking, which can be safely and successfully practiced by older people. But it’s important for seniors to get know the state of their own health, before they start the workout. We recommended physical examination and the guidance of specialized personel for untrained people.