Senioralni. Poznań

„Senioralni. Poznań” is a cultural and educative event addressed to the citizens of Poznan and its surroundings. By making an analogy to the Polish students’ festival called „Juwenalia” we try to point to the fact that seniors are the second force in our city, and that is why their presence and needs are worth noticing. The main aim of the initiative is the organization of time and space for seniors, as well as stimulating them to act with the use of education. We would also like to manifest seniors’ potential and resources.   

The project involves several fundamental actions:

Official inauguration on the International Day of Older Persons

The monthly series of educational events for seniors is opened during a festival day by the municipal authorities. On the turn of September and October the President officially hands over the city keys to seniors on the stairs of the City Hall.  Afterwards seniors march through the streets of Poznan, manifesting their active and positive attitude towards life, to a concert place.

Monthly series of open lectures, developmental workshops and courses for 50+ people

During this event we put a special emphasis on lifelong learning and seniors education. With the support of our partners – five third age universities and Poznan universities, we organize open lectures conducted by academic staff in the biggest academic centres in Poznan. The delivered lectures are from a variety of fields. Our partners are science and social science departments, as well as, artistic faculties. The meetings are ought to break with the stereotype of an older person, whose only main focus is his/her illnesses and deficits. Contradictory, we want to highlight that as we get older our curiosity doesn’t decrease and that is never too late to learn something new. The classes are held in the lecture halls of participating universities.

In addition, since October 2010 in the Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives we organize free psychological and developmental workshops that are conducted in smaller groups (up to 15 people).  

Open days in organizations, clubs and institutions for older people in Poznan

Within the project we invite seniors’ clubs, ngos, firms and institutions like care homes for the elderly and daily care centres to organize open days in their establishments in October. Many of them prepare a special program of events for this particular day.

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"Senioralni.Poznań" was entered into the National Action Plan
for the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations
in Poland in 2012.

Description on EY2012 webpage