The Festival of Intergenerational Solidarity

On the initiative of  the European Commission, the 29th of April was established as the European Day of Intergenerational Solidarity. Its aim is to promote a vision of society build on the agreement between young and old generations, in which everyone, regardless of age, can find a place for oneself.

In celebration of this day in 2011, the Centre for Senior Citizen Initiatives, together with its partners, organized the Festival for Intergenerational Solidarity. The goal of this event was to create a space for self-creation and self-realization of both, the young and old generations, in the sphere of culture by promoting different artistic forms and activities.

The idea of organizing the Festival came for our belief that amazing atmosphere is being created, when children meet with older people. This meetings are full of joy, laughter and mutual satisfaction. Moreover, they fulfil this natural need of self-realization of both seniors and children. During the Festival we wanted to present various kinds of creation, in order to satisfy the young and old artists and obviously the guests as well. We hope that participating in this intergenerational creative process and accompanying the proud artist of various ages, brought a lot of satisfaction and emotions to all participants.

During the Festival different kind of artistic activities were presented, including: singing, dancing, theatre, cabaret, poetry and music. The stage hosted more than thirty various representatives of kindergartens, schools, community centres, daily house cares, seniors’ clubs and associations.

The Festival was also a place for an art exhibition of works created by children and seniors, who were the participants of art classes organised by the Daily Centre for the Elderly.

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